Friday, November 19, 2010


After all my research, I find I need more research. It seems like all the non-hisec major players are involved in this campaign of invasion. The Russians field their stalwart Battleships and the Northern Coalition drives them back with Heavy Assault Cruisers and Drakes. A week ago a red swarm of 50 Drakes had poured into LXQ to turn the tide. Mammoth stations and installations are being shredded in space as the tide ebbs and flows.

Its very real. There are supply lines in the form of Jump Bridges, vast stable tunnels of warp energy that can hurtle ammunition and equipment from a safe home base into the fray. The universal nexus of trade, Jita, struggles to pump out enough T2 missiles to keep NC operational, some of their fleets dropping to T1 as things become scarce. There are trenches, blobs, gatecamps, desperate escapes, dramatic advances. A major NC supply tunnel which wormed through many systems to the nearest replenishment point was squeezed shut by a barreling surprise attack.

Wreckages drift, comm channels blare, people scream for help or scream to push on. I thread myself like a needle through all this, not part of a conquering or defending force, not swept into the carnage, but looking for one man, and for the key to his undoing. Between bursting Battleships and blinding blue cyno, I seek, unseen.

A standard warship has barriers around their computers; its not easy to break in and hack their databases. But just maybe one of these databases will have the name I seek, will make clear the path I must take to undo him. And so I broadcast still, and I drift, cloaked, near the most badly beaten vessels. There is a moment, before they combust but after their edefense collapses, when those databases are raw and unprotected. It take half a moment to copy it into my own shipboard computer. In this way I have discovered many secret things, sifted through a gargantuan amount of useless info and spreadsheets, and one day, I hope, to find my target this way. Someone knows him. Someone out here, with all this death and darkness, must know him very well.

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