Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memories In The Void

You'll notice more posts today due to the simple fact that I have little else do to as I await rescue. It is infuriating knowing that somewhere within this C4 is a clear path home to Amarr, I simply didn't had the equipment to pinpoint it. As no one had come ratting I knew that the mysterious Sleeper anomolies would be brimming, it was only a matter of time until someone came for a profitable Op, and that would be my chance.

I thought back to my lost home. My bond to that wormhole pocket was wholly forged when I was forced to defend it. It was shortly after drawing a contract with a Carrier pilot; I would have an Amarrian Carrier parked at my POS, if there was trouble he would rush to me, hop in, and let fly. The mere presence of the ship floating outside Nerfana-1 was hoped to be its own deterrent.

It was 5 months ago when a pirate-occupied c5 aligned adjacent to my wormhole. I scanned the link down before they did and had a look through, only to see a triad of Ravens orbitting on their side, amassing for a raid. They'd seen the subtle flash of my POurifier's passage, and I recloaked and sped for home before they could get a lock. Now they knew Nerfana-1 was active. I used my station's communications router to transmit to my Carrier pilot, who, luckily, happened to be online.

My guns, as always, were powered up and the main forcefield active. I reached Nerfana-1 and there was a ripple in the bubble as my security codes allowed the stealth bomber to pass through.

There were many details to tell, but I feel a blog like this should deal with events as they happen, it should not be a repository of old stories, so I will be brief.

One scout ship, a Heron, arrived. The bloodsplash of paint on its hull displayed the pirate's garish nature. It took in the defenses, and apparently decided they needed backup. It would be 3 hours before they arrived in force. Just enough time for my friend to arrive.

We were ready when they came. Reminding me of my Ur-Quan StarControl days, he gave the command to "Launch Fighters!" The flock of Ravens were scattered, and although by the end of the engagement I'd lost an Apocalypse and had to distance my pod for safety, we had survived. We waited a few hours to let things calm down, then very carefully I used a Microwarp Driven Abaddon to close the hole. Whoever they were, whatever they were after, I'd sealed them off from my pocket, likely forever, and from a certain viewpoint both systems bounced off each other to spiral through the cosmos in randomly distant directions.

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