Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This blog exists for the purposes of revenge.

I had been playing for about 3 years when it happened. IRL I am rather estranged from my Brother, who is in fact my Brother from another Mother (we share a Dad). We had spoken a few times and bonded over our love of space and science fiction. I suggested during one of our very few conversations he explore New Eden. I didn't hear more about that but while I had built a strong infrastructure for myself, slowly, over time, in the Amarr empire, he had begun his own operation: violent piracy.

Years had passed with no contact when it happened. He found me in New Eden, reached out. I had created an industry inside a low-class wormhole connected to a C4 with a static highsec exit. My colonies, spread across three abundant planets in side the wormhole system were pumping out a variety of cloaking devices for decent profits at the Amarr home world, While the POS I had set up for me ran like a dream storing my fleet, my goods, my fuel, my progress.

Just hours after I had granted my estranged brother access to the station before signing off, he wiped it all out.

My mission was once to become an economic, even political powerhouse on my own merits in New Eden. Now it is focused on the humiliation and eradication of one pod pilot, my Brother, Tobias X. My next post will tell the story of how I was torn apart and left with nothing. OOC, as an adult, one cannot complain to their family that their distant Brother has secretly developed a campaign to rob me of my internet spaceships. There is no real-world retribution possible here. All I can do is play smart, and beat him at his own game to help put my mind at ease. We haven't spoken IRL since the incident, calls go unresponded to.

So this is how we will play it. I've got 2 years on him skill-wise, I have a strong network of intelligence and contacts, and i'm the good guy; I will prevail. I will find him in the darkest corners of 0.0 and rip his ships apart piece by piece. I will infiltrate his Corporations. I will form a plan to yank out his supports at exactly the right time to ensure that he loses much more than myself in the long run. He preys on the weak, he robs Corps, he can flips, he griefs and slanders. He'll learn one more skill before i'm done: the ability to have his blood boil as his exposed body cartwheels and deadfalls into a star, the wreckage of his ship and his life the last thing he sees before his eyeballs burst out of his head in the roasting vaccum.

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  1. Wow, what a way to start a blog. Looking forward to reading more, nice work!