Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Universe in a Nutshell

I need to get the word out that I am looking for that scum-sucker. One system would be to mass mail Eve players, rapidly evemailing every player in Jita. However thats not realistic to the way i'm trying to make this all happen. Instead, as I mentioned yesterday, I broadcast. In time I will find the major players in terms of intelligence gathering, minicorps I know exist but can't yet find that deal in the darkness, will get things done for a price. Until I can find the right people, I broadcast.

But where? I need to reach the maximum number of people. In Jita, the comm traffic is enormous and my message would be lost. I need places where people's eyes are glued to Local even though it is not overly active: warzones.

I could park near the largest hisec-lowsec or hisec-nullsec bottlenecks. But half the people passing through are newer pilots and won't have possible encountered a top-tier pirate like my Brother. Instead I will follow the greatest wars in the universe. Right now that means Dronelands.

NC has invaded the Russians' home space beyond the edges of Empire. (OOC really? You attack the Russians as Winter is coming? You NEVER fight Russians in their homeland in the Winter!)

I've done a tremendous amount of research the last few couriers, which I am mixing with combat missions in the Vengeance now. All this reading and watching has allowed me to distill a highly fractured universe into something salient:

Eve universe sovreignty rotates clockwise.

By this I mean that the major alliances will move a step clockwise, take over or get pushed back. If they win they move another hour forward clockwise. They will reign there and become bored and not want to move back the way they have come, so the only way is forward, more clockwise behaviour. In this way one can predict basic fluctuations in the sociopolitical currents of the universe. This does little to help me short-term, the rotation is slow enough that you are never hard-pressed to catch up with the front. Obviously the sovreignty regions aren't perfectly organized in this rotation, some stay put, some go backwards, but you can draw a generalized path that to the layman approaches prescience.

Right now, the most intense hour on that dial is 2pm, the Northeast, where the Russians have dug in to guard their home. My next task, after increasing my wealth through missions at least 4-fold, will be to find and contract the right tranportation corp to load my HAC, SB and Hauler with all my equipment and crews into their carrier and sweep them past the more dangerous regions between Amarr space and the Dronelands conflict.

Once there, I will need to be careful. I'll find a way into the heart of things, perhaps directly after downtime in a warzone I can reach dockable station, deposit my ships, undock with the Purifier, get invisible and safespotted and insert my message between the shots across the bow. Ten million ISK for information on my Brother. The most massive conflicts of the void will always attract mercenaries, pirates, scum-suckers looking for scum to suck or looking for cheap thrills by involving themselves in the conflict. Who knows? Maybe i'll find him myself out there.

That is my dream. I picture him cowardly, in a large fleet of pirates or mercs, picking off Russians only when safe. He and his friends engage an isolated and broken down battleship as it arcs away from the conflict for repairs. As it explodes, their Rifters rock and are blinded, and when the light subsides I am there, uncloaked and behind him, launching bombs and torpedoes and smiling.

but that won't be enough. My revenge will need to be complete, a taking back of my things and a theft once and for all of his. I need to find out how he killed all my clones that day. I need to do that to him before I drop the hammer. I am considering a radical possibility: what if I were cloned into a completely different body? Such procedures have often ended in disaster, with the new host body falling apart in short order, but if it could be stabilized, it might be the only way I can gain his trust and infiltrate his kingdom. I wonder, too, what he is doing with my wealth; the universe is his oyster, and I am the shell. Soon, I will snap shut.

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