Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More WH Theories, and a Parallel Universe

Intro: This blog is about mye hunt for my half-Brother.  We hadn't spoken IRL in years but he looked me up in-game, got my trust, then took all my posessions and left me for dead.  I've since begun to build my way back up, and this blog is a tool to spread the word to help me find him and grind him under my heel.  Come with me, and Lets All Kill My Brother!

Recently I realized the man I hunt lives in his own wormhole system, flitting about in the ether.  I need a great plan to do him in, and I decided to start big:  is it possible to collapse an entire wormhole systm, planets, stations and all?  Looking into the wild possibility of such a thing, I came to a chilling thought about my own place in the universe.

I dropped the latest research datapad.  Summaries?  Wormhole systems are caused to branch off ours, sometimes by virtue of someone looking to see if they are there.  We know they distort spacetime by the way they send people through space (and quite possibly time) to enter an isolated branch of our own universe.

They are not limited pockets of space, in that they are mirrors of our universe but with sleepers instead of humans, and like our own universe, it is likely that the pocket has infinitely expanding edges resulting from a pseudo Big Bang, what I will call a Mid-Bang.  

They do not follow logic.  They are interlaced with the 5th dimension.  They have the same system-wide gravitational distortions that are commonly identified with classic extradimensional spaces that exist BETWEEN full-on parallel universes.

A parallel universe is likely to be a perfect mirror of our own, with the same people doing and saying the same things, with perhaps some distant alterations between them that cannot be perceived, things like a particle bouncing a different direction or the light from a sunbeam in a Kentucky window diffracting in an abnormal way in the dust.

Separate from my grand plans to collapse my Brother’s universe as a whole, it brings up an intriguing possibility:  if extradimensional spaces exist in the spaces between full-on parallel universes, then how do we know that when we return to known space, it is the same version?  Could it be that people who travel back and forth through wormhole systems left their home universe behind them? Might they return to the Amarr homeworld, watch the news and catch an item that makes no sense?  Maybe the layout of a station is different than they remember, even though records show no change since inception.  The average battle-hardened pod pilot, after numerous resurrections and brain-rattles, might dismiss these anomalies.  But perhaps they are there.  I shudder to think of what details and alterations have been wrought in the universe I call home beyond my notice.  People I might have met that now lived different lives, lifted from my path by inexorable physics.  

Which just now leads me to another thought.  My Brother, (really my Brother from another Mother), what I knew of him growing up, he was a sweet guy.  I fail to see how he could evolve into a creature of bitterness and anger like the one I hunt.  Is my old Brother a hundred parallel universes away?  By passing through the membranes of universes and thinking I had returned, was I in fact distancing myself from the one plane of existence that makes true sense to me?  This New Eden is cruel, but it did not always seem that way.  Its almost enough to keep me rooted in Empire forever, to prevent further changes.  I miss the old Bro, and the idea that he still exists somewhere is heartening.  But the one in this universe? He got's ta die.

Back to the idea, the EDSs have strong changes in radiation.  So does a birthing and dying universe.  We know there is a time dilation effect between us and those in wormhole systems.  Are they collapsing, rather than expanding like ours?  Huge spikes of radiation accompany the Big Bang and the Big Crunch.  Somehow generating massive levels of radiation in the core of a wormhole system might simulate its heat death and cause the premature collapse of the EDS.  That would require tremendous energy.  The formulae involved tell me I would need to start the effect by collapsing the star at the heart of my Brother’s domain and then convert the energy to pure radiation and siphon it outward.  I can’t do that without a Titan. 

Still thinking.

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