Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duel Aftermath

I'd lost.  A few notes about the previous post's duel, obviously some things are more story elements than mechanics.  For instance, his chasing me through the asteroid field was real, I would fly between two of them then angle left, his auto-follow would cause his nose to bump a now-intervening asteroid, bounce him, saving me a few seconds and lowering his transversal such that I was able to get a good shot in.  This pattern was all that allowed me to warp off once I was free of the debris field by 2k.

Back in the station under the watch of local authorities, with a few of my corp mates at a rear table in case there was trouble, I met the pirate.  Over drinks we talked and eventually he opened up a bit about my Brother, I was taking it easy and ordering him stiff drinks, and so, the duel technically incomplete and with no ISK changing hands, I got some tidbits.

1.) He ONLY flies a Rifter
2.) He DID rob the wormhole corp.  They sent convos and mails after booting him but he never responded.  One of their members used a locator agent but he appeared to  be at the extreme edge of the known universe, and so they did not pursue.
3.) He's a right bastard
4.) Aside from theft, his wealth comes from T3 resources which he apparently produces himself and sells at alternating trade hubs, he has done this for months.

The last info was what got me excited.  As he went on I came to see that the most likely source of the resources he was offloading was some level of planetary interaction.  Somewhere out there were three or more planets with small industrial settlements on each.  I could only imagine the suffering of a workforce under my Brother's careless iron fist.

Weakness.  The first hint of it.  If he has planets working for him, he has something static.  To reach T3 he must've found a wormhole system with three specific planet types with specific resources in a certain proximity and it would've taken months to set it up properly and make it work.  To now, if he kept moving, it was possible I could never catch him, but to update his planets he'd need to return home every 96 hours to reset the industrial cycles and check on the crew.  My old wormhole cannot be his current base because the planets did not align there to create anything higher than T2.

I had a hard destination now and some hope.  Slim hope; a wormhole system, from a certain perspective, moves about the universe every day, relative to the links to highsec, lowsec or nullsec that pop up.  But there are ways.  I might not be lucky enough to catch him in Hisec and follow him home cloaked, but there are ways.

But what to do when I get there?  Next up, making crazy plans.

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