Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Immortal once again! A few more couriers and I have enough ISK to install an updated clone at Amarr Emperor Family Academy. A certain intangible weight has been liofted from my shoulders. I suppose as a pod pilot I took it for granted over the years that I could not die in any conventional sense. My week-and-a-half of vulnerability was a strong reminder that not everyone can make decisions without factoring in mortal danger.

I felt powerful, It was the familiar feeling of being stowed away in complete safety far away, and astrally projecting myself into a ship out in space. This projection now had enough to purchase a brand new Purifier. I interfaced immediately and steered her in a generous S-curve along the length of the station, before a microwarp-driven boost about the circumference of the nearby planet.

Now that things were coming together in terms of materiel (not a typo), I had to get moving on intelligence. Google and other conventional methods turned up nothing. I needed to cast a net. I needed PI (playertary interaction.). Everywhere I went I would broadcast the same message.

> Any information I receive on the whereabouts and/or activities of ‘_____’ is worth 10 million to me
I was also searching for the identities of the pirates he had hired to help destroy me. I had little to go on.

(OOC I did see the names of the pilots alongside him, but my character doesn’t know so I won’t use that to help me find him. I’m trying to stay meta here. Why stay true to RP when I could use locator agents and the names of the pirates to track him down? Well, alone I might pod him. With a blog fanbase behind me, I could do much more. My theory is that if I stay 100% true to how I’m allowing my character to play this out, it will appeal more to the casual blog reader, it will maintain more integrity by amusing people with the way I incorporate game mechanics. I could be wrong, but I’m sticking to my guns)

I don’t have ten million to spare after buying the stealth bomber, but if I get a good enough tip I’ll sell the Purifier to cover it, I can get another later and now that my sweetheart ship is dead and gone I’m not overly attached to any one ship.

Next post: ways to cast the intel net.

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