Monday, November 15, 2010

From The Ground Up

I have a shuttle. That is all.

I was a titan of industry with an entire wormhole system pumping out high-tier products, my own personal space station, a fleet of ships, three colonized planets and reams of crew and employees. How could I return to that? But it had been done by others.

I needed a proper ship. I'd first work toward a Bestower freighter, which would allow me to haul goods from system to system for paltry amounts. As of now I have a cargo space of 5 cubic meters, not much to work with to start making money. It would be a problem of finding the right courier mission, one with a single important piece of cargo between .1 - 5 m3. I asked around, did some research, and decided Sister of Eve seems to have the highest frequency of those types of courier.

It took long hours of visiting stations, consulting with agents, being referred, but I found an active courier agent in the Arnon system.

I was asked to carry some mission reports 6 systems over. At this point I did not know my Brother's plan, or if it was even still in effect. The longer I stayed in any one place the more chance he had of finding me and trying to finish what he started before I could take him down. I immediately departed...

I was hauling soem mission reports about 6 jumps in a path that skirted but did not touch the border to lowsec. It was uneventful, but a novelty after my years away from civilization. En route I checked in with my Carthum R&D office. Apparently notice of my death had been broadcast to official channels, and upon hearing this 'official' government release of my passing, all my stored datacores were divided to pay any outstanding debts. Truly penniless. Until, that is, I returned from my courrier mission. I am now the proud owner of an Amarr shuttle AND 46,000 ISK.

I had to continue flying about Sisters areas looking for that rare combination of variables that made a shuttle courier mission possible. I found a half dozen more, extremely time consuming but a helluva lot easier than an Angel Extravaganza.

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