Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How It Went Down Part I

This is not one of those blogs bogged down my fictional dialogue or a glossing over of the facts, however I will simplify where I think it helps the reader's get the real flavor for the speed and order in which things unravel.

I am an open person. I found it weird that in one universe my brother has never reached out but in this one, I get a convo invite and there he is. He used his original name in calling himself Tobias X. He was in one of the starteer corps that you revert to when you end your time with a player Corporation. We talked, he was a few months into training Caldari, still poor, had spent some time with a larger wormhole corp learning the ropes. At this point i'll downshift into a more first-person perspective.

He'd had 2 days. We hadn't spoken directly, vocally, but we were sending messages, cracking jokes, getting to know each other all over again through the framework of New Eden's mechanics. I had my fleet operational, having only had to defend my wormhole in any serious way twice (tip for solo POS, have lots of ISK, a docked Carrier, and a Carrier pilot you can pay to get to you fast).

My favourited ship has always been a Purifier I dubbed "The Cisco". She's setup for quick torpedo bombardment coming out of cloak, and if you know how to fly her (carefully) you can survive alot of entanglements in a paper-thin hull..

We were getting along, and it was strange but the kind of connection that only modern technology could bring about. We weren't about to pick up the phone. There was an intangible rift we had never understood.

I didn't know his plan, that he was waiting. He had taken those 2 days to quietly line up a half dozen of his most nefarious pirate cohorts, filthy, angry people who caused pain to gain pleasure. People who, in the end, never really cared about the ISK, just people's reaction to having it taken. He'd marshalled his low-down troops, all Amarr like myself, he'd worked out the reinforcement timing on my home Station, Nerfana-1, researched the defenses, the entrances and exits, the storage. By then end of day 2 i'd shared my passcodes and defensive matrix keys unequivocably on the basis of the fraternal bond. I didn't see it coming.

I want to get the backstory out but not in one long post, stay tuned for How It Went Down Part II to follow the action on the Day of Destruction and the end of Nerfana-1.

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