Monday, November 15, 2010

My new base of operations

11 courier missions later, and I was able to buy her fresh off the line...

Its the new "Nerfana-2"! My minifleet of Bestower base and a Purifier for ops is coming together. I've begun running higher capacity cargo hauls to continue slowly rebuilding my financial empire (baby steps!). Next i'll aim to track down some contract that run me to upper lowsec, a little risk taking is in order, I think, to jumpstart my income. The short-term goal is to upgrade to an Assault Frigate like the Vengeance for rapidly running down combat missions when i'm able to move on from hauling.
Its awkward to be behind the controls of a simple freighter hauling cattle. I was in this position years ago and its a shock to think i've come full circle with nothing to show for it. But there is something: knowledge. My skills have improved, I can control ships and equipment I couldn't back then.
Now I just need to afford them.

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