Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Will Destroy The Universe

I need two directives:  Seek and Destroy.

Seek is underway, I know the Corp he robbed, I know the ship he flies, I know where he has been, and I know where he will be, his PI headquarters in a wormhole space, I just don't know how to reach it (and then camp it).

Destroy?  I need to collapse him entirely, simply podding him to have him wake up elsewhere will not cut it this time.  I need to yank his supports and watch him tumble down, and in a perfect universe he would fall, and not be able to get back up.

I need to use his power against him.  He's isolated in an impregnable wormhole fortress that can only be found when it wants to be?  Good.  He's not in the universe of normalspace, he is in paradox; an extradimensional box that is not properly attached to the real.  I will destroy the box, not the man. 

I want to cause a collapse, not of the wormhole that links his box to the eve universe, but the wormhole system itself, all the planets, all the stars, all the stations and ships and clouds and particles, all the souls, I WANT THEM ALL TO BURN.

How?  Idunno.  But i'm starting to get a picture.  Some of the following has been gleaned from reputable sources.

A wormhole system is an "extradimensinoal space." (EDS)

Technically, EDS is an infinite amount of dimensions (while the real universes or interdimensional spaces, IDSs, have some fixed amount that's usually less than 15, but hard to tell) that may or may not interact with each other.

We notice wormhole systems with various strange gravitational effects, higher or lower mass attraction, negative energies, bizarre anomolies that seem to effect the space of the system in all directions.

I looked up an expert, Professor Sundrum:

"The extradimensional picture may actually contain an inflation mechanism which, under favorable circumstances, would produce observable gravitational waves, the details of which may give away some features of their extradimensional origin."
"In EDS, it might or might not have drastic effect. However, the destruction of an IDS is not a big thing in EDS, except possibly for the place (if it's a place at all) in EDS where the rift initially appeared, provided it did not relocate. "

A graphic illustrates the effect of passing from one plane of existence to a divergent pocket dimension.  Like Schroedinger's Cat, or the smallest units of quantum theory, it is thought that these pockets are affected by the observer.  The pockets appear to be replicated from elements of the universe proper.  Referred to some as the 5th dimension (separate from the 11 associated with string theory), it in itself is an infinitely expanding universe, like ours, essentially a parallel universe with none of the people.
(Click the above animated gif for an example of a 5th dimension entry) 

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