Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Alone

Emotions had calmed by the end of the 2nd day of exile. In that time two scanning ships had slipped into the extradimensional pocket but neither had responded. A Heron left as soon as I transmitted in local, likely suspecting a trap, and later a specialized Zephyr scanner swept through with probes and I suspect he was not checking Local.

More hours.

The first step would be to build a new Purifier when (if) I reached home, home now defined as my originating planet, the Amarr homeworld. I was cut off from the datasphere of New Eden in my pocket wormhole environment but I could still access saved information on my personal chip, so I reviewed the Stealth Bomber Guide by the legendary pilot and author of A Merry Life And A Short One, Hallan Turrek. It was my bible when I developed my old Purifier, and I was pleased to see the guide had been updated recently.

As I spread the word about my efforts to destroy this one man, I would need to be mobile. I couldn't afford a Carrier, although I had enough cash on my account to replace one of my Bestowers in addition to the Purifier. I plan to visit major hubs, looking for intelligence, I'd park the industrial in a safespot or a common station and launch my Purifier for in-system operations. She would be my new moving home, Nerfana-2. The Purifier's title would need to reflect the mission, with the awkward name of "20m4infoOnTobiasX".

Reality sunk in a bit further as I imagined the aftermath of my old home; I had colonized three planets and colonized them with engineering skeleton crews. I hoped their deaths would be quick, death from above by Abaddon megabeams, but I imagine my escape would have enraged my Brother. He is the type to take out his anger in other directions. I imagine he and his pirates landing, armed, slitting throats and making piles of the dead. I now regretted my decision to allow the workers' spouses and children to join them planetside; at the time, I thought it would be nice, that their happyness would equal worker efficiency, but I had simply doomed them all.

I considered these things in a numb funk as I wasted time making safespots, making safespots between safespots. And waited.

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