Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twiddling Thumbs and Seething

My first thought when things calmed down was to call my Brother, but I didn't have his direct line. I wanted to complain to my immediate family but, as mentioned, they woulld not understand. I pictured it, "You're 30, you're made at your brother because he stole your internet spaceships? Seriously?" It was a dig at me he knew I couldn't respond to in any conventional way. He'd chosen the battlefield and I would meet him on it: Eve.

The first thing I did as my pod hung in cold empty space was to form a plan. I felt finding and ruining one person in the entire universe of systems was daunting, and I would need help. I also felt like if someone understood what a jerk he was, they would willingly help me. A blog seemed like the best idea, so here we are. I'm starting this early, soon I will find my way back to the Amarr homeworld of my birth and the wheels will be set in motion.

The C4 had a black hole anomoly at the Northern pole of the system, but I didn't have the science or the equipment to explore using it to get home, or if that was even possible.

I began to think, to sort out what had happened. I think it was jealousy. He was always the black sheep and I think here he found something that I was passionate about that he, with a little planning, could trump me on..

With the level of detail required to orchestrate all this, I had no doubt that another fork of his plan would be to exterminate all my clones and jump clones, all the backup data and flash-photos of my mind. If I died here, I would die forever, and likely realizing that my pod would be too nimble to catch in the C4 once I had escaped the trap, they sealed me off. They would get the next static c4 and drive the remains of my fortune and fleet out that way, leaving me to have to self destruct in order to appear back in Amarr space. Except wioth all the clones gone, I would never wake up. Thank Gods I thought of this, because it later proved to be true. I would have to wait.

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