Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sansha Update

I felt it was smart to position myself in the loci of galactic conflict that is the Sansha Incursions.  While a part of me fights the good fight to defend our way of life, flawed as it is, another does so for the purpose of keeping eyes, ears and sensors open for my old nemesis, he who took my fortune.   SYNE, FCORD, Moira., these organizations were at the vanguard of the universal defense.  I had delayed this post as I wanted it to encompass all that has happened in the war, but it has become impossible.  Every time I start an entry I’m called away by some new action, and so I’ll summarize as best I can.

Sansha keeps opening wormholes in hisec and lowsec settled systems and taking whole planetary populations for slavery.  For awhile this was all they did, but new tactics have come to light, many of which might be disinformation.

  • There is a possible collusion between Concord and Sansha leadership.  Concord continuously fails to respond to incursions with force.
  • There is a possible collusion between Justicars and Sansha.  Justicars are an Amarrian defence force primarily consisting of Retrievers; hacked correspondence seems to say that they are either compromised now but not for long, or are uncompromised now but not for long.
  • A Federation Nyx entered restricted space during an incursion supposedly to assist and coordinate, however some evidence points to collusion with the Sansha, or, more likely, use of the incursion to mask anti-Amarrian actions.
  • There have been retrieval missions the Sansha stage that do nto include slaves.  They have entered systems to distract as they retain some valuable item from a hidden cargo freighter.  In one case the retrieved item seems to be a temporal device.  Another involved a special substance used to power a teleportation device.
  • The Sansha incursion locales may have a recognizable pattern.  They generally avoid Gallente space.
  • The Sansha are preparing a major operation in Monalaz.  They have recently hit 4 systems in that constellation in an op to generate uplinks of a mysterious nature.  Our good leader, Julianus Soter, feels that these hidden uplinks will somehow manipulate basic system processes like target recognition, the barring or allowing of cyno entries, and a number of other vital faculties.  
  • News reports from a planet which was cleaned out and completely sapped read that independent ships were fighting an orbital force as it worked to evacuate them with a vast number of dropships.  We know that the dropships were in fact Sansha ships taking them to slavery, that the independent ships were capsuleers fighting to protect the people.  One line of code from hacked transmissions re: the uplink detail that the media resources are being hacked; it is our prediction that the Sansha wormhole into a system, hack the media, use it to transmit that their ships are escape ships, then scoop them up and leave.  Dastardly.

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