Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kih - Sansha inbound!

Kih system (short form) was attacked last night.  The situation is that a handful of Sansha aligned Corporations have been wardecced by Moira. and they are a new factor to consider in any invasion.  Today I learned that the Sansha were handily defeated, but thats not where my story that night lies.

After the Battle of the uplink in the trio systems in Genesis, I had a pair of ships to move back to our base in Pelisle, off the Stacmon bottleneck, 15 jumps.  I scouted a few systems ahead in my trusty Purifier before hopping in my Harbinger, survivor of the uplink battles, to bring her home.  Upon launching a Sansha capsuleer warped in to the lone Imya station and targetted me.  I assume his warp scrambler initiated in the second after I laid out my warp tunnel.  I was off.

Another close call in Gergish where I neede to pickup my ammo stockpile left in case of need for the uplink battles.  My single warp stabilizer saved the day.

The call went out through SYNE and FCORD that an attack was underway in hisec.  Picture it like an equilateral triangle (a triangle that is equal lengths on all three sides).  One point was my origin, Imya, the point up to the left was Pelisle, and the point up to the right was the incursion system, KihX.  I knew I needed to rest and refuel and wouldn't make it to the incursion, but in the end I played a role.

It seems that enemies of Moira., more Sansha-aligned pilots had been conducting mass reconaissance on our home system when the true Sansha, came.  Now they were blitzing to the scene.  As I neared Pel, a steady stream began to cross my path.

A Dominix was the first, we ran into each other at a hisec gate.  I targetted and set to orbit at a good distance but he was aligning so I MWD-burned toward him to warp scramble.  I had no backup, his ship was bigger than mine, but my mind worked by instinct to roll the dice.  We tangled once I shut down his warp drive, and because of my optimal distance I punched through shields and half armor before my shields went down (armor-tanked).  I assume they were strung in a line of several systems in the mad dash, because first one, then three of his friends popped through the gate.  I had to disengage and did so just in time as I was ttargetted by the newcomers.  In warp I transmitted the intel to Soter, who was leading Moira. forces 20 jumps to the invasion point.  "Soter, I need to dock but you have a handful of Sansha-aligned en route to the incursion, be careful."

My Battlecruiser shook through a fast-warp and barelled non-stop through the next gate to home.  One of them chased me for a couple of systems before I made a detour and eluded.

Soter led forces alongside many others and the Sansha were defeated in short order.

PL.  Pandemic Legion.  One fact I didn't note in the uplink battles was that PL deigned to assist.  It was an hour into the engagements, but they came with a thunder and snow-plowed all resistence.  Soem view them as apathetic to the incursions but this proved them wrong.  It was an exciting development and their influx of vast vessels matched the multifariously assembled capsuleer fleet ship for ship.

If nothing else, the Sansha has made neutrals friends for the purposes of defending the universe, has made enemies neutrals.  We are all human. 

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